#mSpotter - Storm spotting via social media

MemphisWeather.net has partnered with the National Weather Service in a way that allows us to relay your severe/winter weather reports as adverse weather is ongoing! Your reports will help the NWS verify their radar data in real-time, aiding in the warning decision process. All reports from the Memphis area sent via Twitter that include the #mSpotter tag will be relayed.

What is #mSpotter?

  • A method of sending storm reports directly to NWS-Memphis
  • A public service to the community
  • A way to participate directly in the NWS mission
  • Harnessing the power and immediacy of social media

What do I need to be an #mSpotter?

  • The MWN app to easily submit your report! (optional)
  • A Twitter account (required)
  • A smartphone with camera and GPS (strongly encouraged)
  • A desire to serve others (we appreciate that!)

What to report

  • Tornados / funnel clouds / wall clouds
  • 1/2" hail or larger (use coin or ball sizes to describe size)
  • 50+ mph wind (measured if possible)
  • Structural damage
  • Trees or power lines down
  • Measured heavy rain and/or unusual flooding
  • Winter precipitation

What to include in your reports

  • Brief description of what you see
  • Specific location (or geo-tagged tweet)
  • Pictures are very helpful!
  • Time (if not at time of tweet)
  • #mSpotter hashtag
  • (The MWN app will aid in this process)

Area covered by #mSpotter:


  • Risk the safety of you or anyone with you for the sake of a picture!
  • Storm chase unless fully trained by the NWS
  • Abuse the hashtag
  • Expect to get paid :-)

Questions? Contact MWN on Twitter (@memphisweather1)